Latest Releases

Black Guard version 3.1 has been released. It contains a greater list of default search options and a few bugfixes.

Black Guard version 3.0 has been released. This is a complete rewrite, and includes the ability to search for multiple items at once. Timeouts have also been introduced to avoid hangs.

Black Guard version 2.1 has been released. It's been a while, I know, and this release doesn't include any new features, just some better commenting in places. However, none of the other versions work, so this is an essential upgrade. See the FAQ for more detail.

Black Guard version 2.0 has been released, along with a change of name as you (I hope) have noticed. Downloads available now!

PHProxy Finder 1.3 has been launched, adding the option to now search for anything, not just PHProxies..

PHProxy Finder 1.2 has been launched, containing various features that make using the program much more efficient.

PHProxy Finder 1.1 has been launched, with updated documentation.

PHProxy Finder 1.0 has been launched. 0.2 has also been made available for people to look at, however it's use is not recommended.

Welcome to Black Guard!

Welcome to the Black Guard website (formerly PHProxy Finder.)

It seems that everyone now knows about PHProxies. For those who don't, the PHProxy script is one that provides an anonymous, easy to use proxy service to access websites, or bypass web blocking software. This might be great for personal use, but it can be a nightmare for network administrators to keep all these sites under check, and have them all blocked. The same can be said for various other types of sites! Black Guard is a utility designed for use by system administrators and network admins to solve this problem. It searches for these troublesome websites, finding out whether they're blocked or not and exporting the results for further convenience.

If you're looking for PHProxy Finder you're in the right place! The project has simply seen a rename due to it's evolution providing it with increased capabilities.

The software is written in Java, and so is completely platform independant. It is distributed as a ZIP file, and to run the program simply unzip the file to a new folder and run the contained JAR file. Please note you will need the latest version of the JRE for the software to work (6 at the time of writing.)

Any bugs or feature requests, please drop them into the sourceforge bug reporting / feature requests system. I will always do my best to solve any bugs and help anyone with problems using the software, however please note I will not support any malicious or illegal activity, or anything that I believe to be so.

The rewrite is finished! For those that were waiting, the program now works again and should be MUCH more reliable than it was in its 2.x days (and previously.)

Downloads, bug reports and all other project features can be found on the Black Guard sourceforge project page.

Thanks to sourceforge for hosting the site.

This site and this project are hosted courtesy of sourceforge. Logo